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Dynamics with braking resistance

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Not only the leading manufacturer of brake resistors, FRIZLEN is also your competent and reliable partner.

As an owner-managed family company, FRIZLEN supports anyone who is on the market for suitable brake resistors from small machine tool manufacturers to large corporations – support that ranges from advice and development to planning and production and delivery.

This site provides interesting information on the topic of brake resistors.

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Why brake resistors?

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How are brake resistors configured?

Among the main parameters of a brake resistor are electrical output, the resistance value and the characteristics of the load cycle.

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Hint: Use the brake resistor calculator from FRIZLEN – this will help you to configure the brake resistor correctly.

What are protection classes and which of them might one encounter with brake resistors?

Brake resistors are used in countless locations and a diverse range of applications. This means that they have to be protected individually against contact, foreign bodies and/or the ingress of water.

FRIZLEN has a range of resistors in the following protection classes:

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What do the IP codes mean?

Which models are there?

Master the heat with FRIZLEN.

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Protecting brake resistors.

Brake resistors from FRIZLEN can be protected against hazardous overheating with monitoring equipment:

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4 good reasons to choose brake resistors from FRIZLEN

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